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1) identify one civilisation that you would discuss how people in the civilisation deal with their constraints and how their responses contribue to the social, cultural and technological changes that occured in Asia

The civilisation we chose was China. These people were very innovative and came up with many social , cultural and technological changes. In social changes would be literature. Without the invention of paper, literature could not be recorded down. In cultural changes, women were allowed to study after a cultural revolution. In technological changes, China invented gunpowder which was a very advanced tool back in the ancient days.

2) We then sought 3 artifacts and how did these artifacts evolve into their current ones.

Brocade Festival Badge with Rabbit

Name: Brocade Festival Badge with Rabbit
Purpose: It is a brocade used only for festivals.
Difference from modern- day badges:
1) Well-finished work inside and outside unlike modern-day badges
2) Intricately sewn
3) Exhibits Fine Chinese Art

Lotus and Insects by Qi Bai Shi

Name: Lotus and Insects
Purpose: A painting of lotuses and insects.
Difference from modern-day paintings:
1)  Different style of painting- Based on popular subject matters back then
2) Seals used instead of signing
3) A combination of literature and art unlike modern day art.

Wu Cai Dish

Name: Wu Cai Dish
Purpose: Decoration and it symbolises longevity and good fortune.
Difference from modern-day dishes:
1) Most modern plates do not symbolise any positive aspects.
2) Most modern plates do not have the quality and variety of the "ancient" plates.
3) Most modern plates do not symbolise any stories.