Inferences and Observations

By: Soh Fan

While walking along Singapore river I saw quite a number of major companies’ buildings which were mostly banks such as Standard Charted. There are also a lot of shophouses that mostly sells beer or seafood and some high class hotels ( saw a ferrari parked outside the hotel ). On the river I noticed there are quite a number of boats that ferries tourists. The boats were mostly designed such that they look like the boats used in the past. Quite a number of tourists walk along the Singapore river feasting their eyes on the beautiful scenery of the river. They also took the boats out onto Singapore river for a cruise while snapping up some photos along the way. Singapore river is still brimming with activities, with tourists touring the place. While there are a lot of tourists, the locals werent any lesser. As it was afternoon, we saw quite a number of business class adults having lunch at some restaurants while others strolling back in groups chit chatting, heading back to their office (I think). Overall, I can infer that Singapore river now is still bustling with activities, no matter commercial or entertainment.

While all these progresses had been made till now, what about the past? 
From the color of Singapore river, which is green, I know that Singapore river was once garbage filled. In the past, Singapore river was often used for trading of goods and the immigration of foreigners. With the introduction of labor workers, Clark Quay, which is in Singapore river, began to be filled with people. Many had no homes and they often make Clark Quay their “home”. They presence brought a lot of garbage and waste, which were disposed of into the Singapore river. It became so clogged up and dirty that no living things could survive. It was then the Government decided to clean up the river. It took them long enough, though the river is still dirty, it was much better than the past. The shophouses were also adopted from the past. In the past, people had shophouses. It was like a home to them. They often live in the second story while having small businesses on the first floor. Singapore river had once been a trading port, but now it had stopped. Boats were used to trade goods, and thus nowadays to attract tourist and at the same time earn money people had boats built like the olden days and using it to ferry tourists for sightseeing. 

Will the shape course of Singapore river change in the future? 
With all the infrastructure, shops and tourists attractions around, I dont think the government will change it that easily. Furthermore the structure of the Singapore is already established, although the river itself might have change.It would either become more dirty with people littering or the Government might try to clean it up completely.  

My findings- Jonathan Soh

Some observations: 
Along the Singapore river, there are a number of sculptures that can be seen. These sculptures depicts the lives of the early days. These sculptures show coolies heaving supplies to a certain location, children playing and people interacting. I can infer that these people have to endure hard labour when they come to Singapore/ Temasek to work and these lives of the commoners are rather simple.

Will the shape course of Singapore River will change in the future? Justify your answers.

From photographic evidence I gather that the Singapore River is somewhat like a river with manmade materials reinforcing it’s path. So, I doubt that the river path will change. However, the sources of water for the river may change. The sources currently seem to bring dirty materials into the river like dirt, leaves etc... . Lastly, the government will not spend large amounts of money to move the river unneccessarily as there are many high-rise buildings near the river and it will be cheaper to maintain the river rather than move it.

Inferences and Observations-Shawn Tan

Based on your observation along the Singapore River and inferences, explain the activities that are carried out along the river during the early days and present days
Using photographic evidences, do you think the shape course of Singapore River will change in the future? Justify your answers

As we walked along the Singapore River, I noticed some very interesting sculptures and figurines that resembles Coolies and other people or things that contributed to Singapore early day development like ox. There were also other things like monkeys playing along the river at the bridge. Along the river there are also lots of shops facing the river and there were even a hotel and high rise building such as offices. There was traces of fallen leaf floating on surface of the river and the water was rather murky.

I can infer that in the early days of Singapore, the river was widely used and relied on for survival. Business was carried out here as there were buildings such as offices and shop houses. People that work here includes coolies and oxen were relied on for transportation of goods including water. While doing business here, the river got polluted because of littering of waste.

In present day, the area have been transformed into Hotels and there are High Rise Offices and a lot of shops along the river. The parliament house which formally was the work place for raffles when he was governing the area.

Singapore River has underwent major changes including cleaning of the polluted river and development of infrastructures and buildings making it a highly populated business district along with shop houses.

The course of Singapore River will further change in the future into a hub of leisure, business and unforeseen development because of it strategic location and importance.